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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Front Cover

I came across these eye shadows in boots a while back and was really pleased with them, so i went on the website to order some more colours, they where on sale which was a bonus! £1 reduced from £4!

Ive just collected my parcel from boots, and im super happy with all the colours! I accidentally brought 2 of everything because there website wasn't agreeing with my laptop! So im either going to do a giveaway on here (if i get enough followers) or just kindly hand them over to a friend!

I brought 4 different eye shadows, i would have got more but most of them where sold out :( a easy on the eye HOT pallet, a shadow base and i got a free pallet to put the shadows in!

I really love the colours, there so beautiful and they apply really easily!
With the pallets you get a brush with them which i found was really bristly and hurt my eye when i was applying the eyeshadow!

 Ive never tried the front cover shadow base before, or any eye primer before thinking about it! I defiantly noticed a difference by using this, it really enhanced the impact of the eyeshadow!

I really recommend that you give this stuff a go!

Friday, 27 January 2012


The January Issue 2012

When i was in Lush the other day buying lots of exciting things, the kind lady serving me offered me an issue of the Lush times, which i usually either decline or throw away! I have just read through it and im really glad i did, theres lots of nice things that you see in here which you wouldn't really expect yourself to buy when your looking round the shop!

The front cover has got me really excited for valentines day, me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years now so i hope this year will be really special!
Of course he wont be interested in pink bath bombs, but i no some people who will be...aka..ME!

This really caught my eye, a solid washing up bar!
I have eczema so whenever i wash up my hands get really itchy from the washing up liquid, even when i wear gloves strangely!  I've yet to come across a washing up liquid especially for people with sensitive skin that actually works, unfortunately!
So i really want to give this a go, its packed with lemon oil so will leave your plates nice and clean at the same time as making your hands nice and soft!

Have you got eczema? If so how do you look after your skin etc?

I thought this page was really sweet, I think buying your sister or friend an easter gift from here would be really nice.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tattletell All!

About 2 weeks ago i set foot in benefit for my first EVER time! Luckily the january sales where still in full swing so i felt reluctant not to give there make up a go!

This little box called tettletell All cost me £19.50, reduced from about £30 i think
I think the box is really pretty, and small enough to fit in your bag to take to school/work

  • 2 lipsticks- one for day and one for night
  • 1 lipgloss
  • 1 highbeam
  • 1 benetint
  • 1 blush
  • 2 eyeshadows
As soon as i got home i was so eager to try it all out, it came with a booklet which guided you how to use/applicate everything, which i found really helpful, I probably would of been clueless without it!

I really love the benetint, which can be used on either your cheeks or lips, i have heard lots about it before so thats definitely lived up to its expectations! (Make sure to rub it in quick enough though or else it leaves you with red marks on your cheeks :p)

The other part of the set i was really pleased with was the high beam, i had never heard of this before, but apply a little to under eyes, nose and just under the brow it leaves you looking really radiant and fresh!

Ive been using most things in this set for a few days now, alternating with different eye shadows etc! I really recommend it to anyone!
I no this was a really rubbish review but im still getting to grips with everything so sorry about that!

Whats your favourite benefit product?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


So today on my way home i stopped off at Tesco's, recently my earring collection has been growing and its been a bit of a disaster leaving them in a plastic pot getting all muddled up, so i came across a mesh metal pencil pot and thought id buy it as it was only £1.50. Which is reasonable as quite a lot of earring holders can reach quite high prices.
 The pencil pot its self Tesco £1.50

And here is the (almost) finished result, my lack of earrings is quite embarrassing, my ears get really saw when i wear them for too long so i don't tend to wear them very often!

How do you store your earrings? Id like to know :D

Lots of Love

Monday, 23 January 2012

First official Post!

Im currently blogging to myself, as i haven't started following people etc, im not really sure what your supposed to do as ive never got this far into blogging!
     Amazingly ive managed to make my blog look vaguely pretty, and as you can see my favourite colour is PINK! 

I thought that  i would start off with a post showing a bit of DIY i got up too over the weekend, recently i have moved back down South to my parents house so that i can start my new job.
       I found that i had nowhere that i could really put any of my bottles of creams and shampoos etc, so i found some old shoe boxes etc which i thought i could transform into pretty boxes to hold and organise my stuff for free!

In the bright pink box i have stored my straighteners, curlers and crimpers! The only styling tongs (i think you call them this) that i have, im saving up for larger curling tongs as we speak :)
       In the Other box i have just random things like face creams, body butters, shampoos etc. You probably think its strange that i keep these in my bedroom but i like keeping my things all in one space and also my mum and sister would probably use everything up real quick.

 I used my acrylic paints which worked really well as it covered up most of the markings on the shoe boxes, on one of the boxes i ripped out a section so that i could see more clearly when im trying to find something that i need.
     I no that my paintings of flowers are awful but i was being really inpatient and rushed it all! Whoops!
On this shoe box i painted the lid pink and the main box white so that it has a really pretty effect. My sister had also previously stuck a load of sequins on the box and instead of picking them off i just painted over them which i think looks pretty good, you cant see it very well in this picture though, let me no if you want a picture which shows it more clearly.

Ive put hair clips etc in here and a few bracelets, id prefer it if i could see these on show so that its easier to choose what to wear and to feel like i have a choice if that makes any sense?

Over all i no i haven't done a grand job but it sure does brighten up the spare room im using at home for the moment.
Im only staying here temporarily as i'm waiting for my boyfriend to come home from Wales as the rent isn't over until March :( BOOO!

Have you got any ideas for free alternative storage options?

Lots of Love


Ive always said to myself, im going to write a blog...and i always start a blog and never ever write more than one entry. Im now 99% sure that this one will last, hopefully!

Ive never really been into make-up, beauty or fashion, but in the last month or so i have been on the web 24/7 looking up different brands and in the shops every weekend just browsing around.

I have too say ive been completely inspired by Elle and Blair's blog, their two girls from America who's lives I envy so much! Have a look for yourself if you want to see why!

So yeah, this blog is going to be about me and my journey into the world of beauty and style (if i can afford it)

Lots of Love
Willow  (My names actually Carys but my boyfriend calls me Willow and its kinda stuck)