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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Front Cover

I came across these eye shadows in boots a while back and was really pleased with them, so i went on the website to order some more colours, they where on sale which was a bonus! £1 reduced from £4!

Ive just collected my parcel from boots, and im super happy with all the colours! I accidentally brought 2 of everything because there website wasn't agreeing with my laptop! So im either going to do a giveaway on here (if i get enough followers) or just kindly hand them over to a friend!

I brought 4 different eye shadows, i would have got more but most of them where sold out :( a easy on the eye HOT pallet, a shadow base and i got a free pallet to put the shadows in!

I really love the colours, there so beautiful and they apply really easily!
With the pallets you get a brush with them which i found was really bristly and hurt my eye when i was applying the eyeshadow!

 Ive never tried the front cover shadow base before, or any eye primer before thinking about it! I defiantly noticed a difference by using this, it really enhanced the impact of the eyeshadow!

I really recommend that you give this stuff a go!


  1. These colours look fab xx what a great blog xx maybe we can follow each other ? xx

  2. Never tried this eyeshadows and I'm usually not big on pressed eye shadow (or anything other than an eye pencil really haha) but I'll give them a whirl :P

    Also, welcome to blogging! I used to be the same way (post 1 entry and forget about the blog) but this last one seemed to stick (for a whole 3 years!) you'll love it :) I'm writing down the internet block if you need milk or sugar haha

    Castle Fashion