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Monday, 23 January 2012


Ive always said to myself, im going to write a blog...and i always start a blog and never ever write more than one entry. Im now 99% sure that this one will last, hopefully!

Ive never really been into make-up, beauty or fashion, but in the last month or so i have been on the web 24/7 looking up different brands and in the shops every weekend just browsing around.

I have too say ive been completely inspired by Elle and Blair's blog, their two girls from America who's lives I envy so much! Have a look for yourself if you want to see why!

So yeah, this blog is going to be about me and my journey into the world of beauty and style (if i can afford it)

Lots of Love
Willow  (My names actually Carys but my boyfriend calls me Willow and its kinda stuck)

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