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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tattletell All!

About 2 weeks ago i set foot in benefit for my first EVER time! Luckily the january sales where still in full swing so i felt reluctant not to give there make up a go!

This little box called tettletell All cost me £19.50, reduced from about £30 i think
I think the box is really pretty, and small enough to fit in your bag to take to school/work

  • 2 lipsticks- one for day and one for night
  • 1 lipgloss
  • 1 highbeam
  • 1 benetint
  • 1 blush
  • 2 eyeshadows
As soon as i got home i was so eager to try it all out, it came with a booklet which guided you how to use/applicate everything, which i found really helpful, I probably would of been clueless without it!

I really love the benetint, which can be used on either your cheeks or lips, i have heard lots about it before so thats definitely lived up to its expectations! (Make sure to rub it in quick enough though or else it leaves you with red marks on your cheeks :p)

The other part of the set i was really pleased with was the high beam, i had never heard of this before, but apply a little to under eyes, nose and just under the brow it leaves you looking really radiant and fresh!

Ive been using most things in this set for a few days now, alternating with different eye shadows etc! I really recommend it to anyone!
I no this was a really rubbish review but im still getting to grips with everything so sorry about that!

Whats your favourite benefit product?


  1. that looks like a really great set! I was just looking at benefit a few hours ago looking for a some kind-a gorgeous but they were sold out :(
    i swatched a ton of other stuff but I NEVER SAW THAT box set! i want to try a mini highbeam and bentint
    -Hayley xx

  2. i love benefit! I have Maybe Baby and i love the scent! If you can, check out our blog and follow :)