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Friday, 27 January 2012


The January Issue 2012

When i was in Lush the other day buying lots of exciting things, the kind lady serving me offered me an issue of the Lush times, which i usually either decline or throw away! I have just read through it and im really glad i did, theres lots of nice things that you see in here which you wouldn't really expect yourself to buy when your looking round the shop!

The front cover has got me really excited for valentines day, me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years now so i hope this year will be really special!
Of course he wont be interested in pink bath bombs, but i no some people who will be...aka..ME!

This really caught my eye, a solid washing up bar!
I have eczema so whenever i wash up my hands get really itchy from the washing up liquid, even when i wear gloves strangely!  I've yet to come across a washing up liquid especially for people with sensitive skin that actually works, unfortunately!
So i really want to give this a go, its packed with lemon oil so will leave your plates nice and clean at the same time as making your hands nice and soft!

Have you got eczema? If so how do you look after your skin etc?

I thought this page was really sweet, I think buying your sister or friend an easter gift from here would be really nice.

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