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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


So today on my way home i stopped off at Tesco's, recently my earring collection has been growing and its been a bit of a disaster leaving them in a plastic pot getting all muddled up, so i came across a mesh metal pencil pot and thought id buy it as it was only £1.50. Which is reasonable as quite a lot of earring holders can reach quite high prices.
 The pencil pot its self Tesco £1.50

And here is the (almost) finished result, my lack of earrings is quite embarrassing, my ears get really saw when i wear them for too long so i don't tend to wear them very often!

How do you store your earrings? Id like to know :D

Lots of Love


  1. That is probably the cutest way to hold earings!
    I want to try that!
    Thanks for subbing!

    ps. I got the same feather earings for christmas! where did you get yours?

    -Hayley xx

    1. Your welcome :) Im so glad you asked about those earrings! I got them off Ebay for 1 penny :D They where from this lady .....yangfx520....she hasn't got any on her account at the moment, but try searching for feather earrings on ebay anyway maybe? good luck looking for some, i remember it took me ages to find some nice feather earrings :p

      Willow x

  2. That is a really cool earring holder!

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  4. Such a good idea! gonna hav 2 copy this 1 :)

  5. great idea.. I'm useless at storing my earings and always loose 1.. think I need to pop to tescos LOL xx

  6. This is an ingenious idea! I'm always trying to think of a nice way to store/display my necklaces.

  7. That's a very creative of you. I usually stack my earrings in pouches to keep them dirt free. :)

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